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The Hotel

The Cantina dell'Arte hotel has been offering accommodation to its customers since 1990, with comfortable rooms in one of the most fascinating cities in Italy and the Marche region: Ascoli Piceno, the city of the Hundred Towers.

Located between the Rue (Viette) of the historic center of Ascoli Piceno, the Cantina dell'Arte hotel is located in a strategic position with respect to the main artistic and museum beauties that the city possesses.

The Hotel was born from the recovery of an old palace of medieval origin and in addition to the excellent courtesy and professionalism of Mrs. Cinzia, it has countless services including internal wifi, lift, a magical stone tavern where you can spend the breaks between a walk and other.

The hotel has comfortable rooms, which overlook the historic center, colorful with towers and the wise mastery of medieval construction. Each room has well-kept private bathrooms with shower, hair dryer, cap and courtesy set.


For reservations or information, you can contact the following telephone numbers.

0736 255620 320 3014418 329 2076444


We have selected for you the best annual events and artistic beauties that the city of Ascoli Piceno organizes and owns.

Hotel Ascoli Piceno

Antiques Market

An appointment without boundaries of space, time and place, for a fascinating journey through different eras and styles, where furniture, paintings, majolica, jewels, sculptures and objects are the witnesses of a distant but at the same time still close history.

Hotel Ascoli Piceno


Visiting the museums of Ascolani is undoubtedly one of the favorite activities of every tourist who spends time in the city of the Hundred Towers. Ascoli Piceno is in fact home to many museums of great historical, artistic and cultural interest.

Hotel Ascoli Piceno

The People Square

Piazza del Popolo embodies the whole history of Ascoli Piceno. The most important buildings in the square represent the three powers: political (Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo), religious (church of S. Francesco) and commercial (loggia dei Mercanti).

Hotel Ascoli Piceno

Ascoliva Festival

"Ascoliva Festival" is a high-quality event that was created to promote what is considered by many to be the best gastronomic product of the Marches: the prized Ascolana stuffed olive.

Hotel Ascoli Piceno

Carousel of the quintana

The Quintana knightly tournament is a challenge in which six knights compete. The joust consists in hitting with the spear the target of the Saracen constituted by the shield placed on the left arm of the Saracen.

Hotel Ascoli Piceno

Historical Carnival

The Carnival of Ascoli, it can be said without fear of denial, is one of those events which, at least once, are worth attending to meet, protagonists and spectators at the same time.

Hotel Ascoli Piceno

Arringo Square

Piazza Arringo is the oldest monumental square in the city of Ascoli Piceno, guardian of important buildings including: Palazzo Fonzi, Palazzo dell'Arengo, Palazzo Vescovile, Duomo di Sant'Emidio, Palazzo Panichi.

Hotel Ascoli Piceno

Roman theatre

The Roman Theater of Ascoli Piceno is certainly, among the places to see, the one that impresses us the most thanks to its historical wealth and the evident archaeological importance it represents.

Hotel Ascoli Piceno

Mixed Fried

Nobody can escape the temptation of a hot and crunchy fry maybe eaten with your hands. Yes, because in most cases the fried food must be tasted at the fingertips as an important aspect ...

Were we are

To reach the Cantina dell'Arte hotel we recommend that you reach the Porta Tufilla car park,
150 meters from our hotel.
To reach the Porta Tufilla car park from your place of departure you can use the track below. Just type in the location you want to start from and press the track route button.

It is possible to request to use a closed and / or guarded paid parking lot, located 500 meters from the structure, for the entire period of stay.